Mother in law keeps getting baby used toys?

My mother in law keeps giving my son hand me down toys from her other grandchildren OR toys from yard sales. I worked really hard in my life and planned everything out financially. This is my first child and I want him to have the best of everything. When she gets him used toys I feel like she thinks we dont have money. I dont know why she thinks this. One day she kept saying we were broke. I told her we are not broke. She responded with “everyone is broke.” That is not true. How do I handle this?
Everyone has a point about the used toys. I guess I am like a kid myself. I like buying the cool, neat, new toys! My baby doesnt know or care but I guess I do!

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  1. Alice K says:

    Sorry, I don’t see the problem. Kids grow so fast that handmedowns or used items are hardly used at all. You should follow your mother-in-law’s example and put the the money you save in a college fund for your son. In the long run, that will mean a lot more to him than a used toy.

  2. Conquistador says:

    Just take the toys and give them away, throw them away or sell them at a yard sale. Some people never listen but this issue is easily solved without making a battle out of it.

  3. buckeye_babe95 says:

    Handle it with gratitude—honestly, your son doesn’t know that the toys are used and on top of it doesn’t care. All he cares about is there is something new and interesting and fun to play with. Grandma cares enough to help you out so you DON’T have to become broke, and she has the wisdom to know that children grow out of toys so quickly that LET SOMEONE ELSE PAY FULL PRICE for them!!! As long as they have been washed, who really cares? Besides you?

  4. lordpeyre says:

    My wife and I have two kids, and we’re delighted when our parents get things for them. We really don’t care if they’re new or used, so long as they’re safe.

    Sure, it’s natural to want to have all nice new things for the kid(s), but it’s important to step back and put things in perspective. At that age, they won’t know the difference, and most of the toys will get beat-up anyway as they play with them. The important thing (as I see it) is that they have a good relationship with their grandparents, which is very healthy for their long-term development.

  5. Deborah C says:

    I’m a mom of an 8yo boy who has a room full of toys because I, too, wanted (and could afford) the best for him. I was a single older mom who was probably trying to make it up to my baby that he had no other family.

    However, it’s a burden now because he’s got too much stuff and I DON’T have the money to be buying new toys all the time. He’s attached to everything so it’s hard to get rid of old stuff, even his baby toys. Miraculously he’s not a spoiled brat, but I think that’s just luck.

    Kids do not need all new stuff or lots of stuff. Many toys are fun to play with for a short period of time, then they lose interest. And there will be plenty of other things to spend your money on as they grow up – football boots, music lessons, camp fees, university… Save your money now while you can!

  6. are you that rich ! wow!
    how ungrateful are you.. Your mother in law knows a lot of mother.. that baby’s grow so fast, the toy you brought them 3 weeks ago is no longer interesting to baby… Have you never heard or recycling?? all those toys that you want to throw back in to the junk will end up in land fill sites.. there are hundreds of kids out there who would love to place with toys OLD or NEW … if you don’t want them pass them on to someone who does don’t just trash them

  7. I kind of understand what you are saying. My friend as well once got used toys. yes, thank you and yes, it’s good but some people think that ‘my baby won’t deserve that’. I think you may thinking that you work so hard and you PAY for toys what your kids want by yourself. At the same time, you are letting kids know that important to have money and how to spend money(it means you can’t get whatevery you want all the time. Kids getting used toys which is more cheaper, kids expect new toys every weekend. People have different view. Tell you husband not her to tell you, you are broke. It’s rude and mind of her bussiness.

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