DestinyBaby.com is your #1 destination for the latest reviews, research, and deals on the top selling educational and learning toys, resources, games, puzzles, and activities for infants, toddlers, and kids. Come here to learn more about the latest or popular educational toys, puzzles, books, and games. We take a broad view of educational, highlighting products that are not only marketed as “educational,” but that stimulate all senses – visual, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. This site was started as a public way to chart me and my husband’s own journey of wading through the vast amount of information and products on what parents can do to promote their children’s brain development and cognitive skills and help to ensure their ongoing accomplishments and happiness.

We are family and friend-run, with Mama Destiny providing most of the work and research on an as-often-as-possible basis. I am a working professional mom and wife in my 30s, whose sone was a 2-year old (Destiny Baby!) when we launched. Mama Destiny has a network of friends and colleagues in Child Development, Social Work, Social Psychology, and real life parents who help with research and advice for this site. In addition to scouring the web and premium databases for news, research and reviews on the products you want to know about, the real life Destiny Baby and his friends also do official “product testing”, by throwing, chewing, banging and otherwise playing with a variety of toys, games and books. We’ll feature the results of this testing on the site as well!

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